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Paintings Wanted

We purchase paintings by the following artists. If you'd like to offer us a painting for sale, please use the Free Evaluation link at left to provide us with information on your piece. Please note that our galleries only purchase and display original paintings. NO PRINTS PLEASE! - except Gustave Baumann original woodblock prints and etchings by Gene Kloss.

A Abdy, Rowena
Adam, William
Alvarez, Mabel
Amorsolo, Fernando
Anderson, Guy

Bartlett, Dana
Baumann, Gustave
Berninghaus, Oscar
Bischoff, Franz
Blumenschein, Ernest
Borg, Carl Oscar
Botke, Cornelis
Botke, Jessie Arms
Brandriff, George
Braun, Maurice
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Joan
Brown, Theophilus
Buff, Conrad
Bunker, Dennis
Bush, Norton

C Callahan, Kenneth
Carlsen, Emil
Chatham, Russell
Chittenden, Alice
Clapp, William
Clark, Alson
Cone, Marvin
Cooper, Colin Campbell
Couse, E. Irving
Cuneo, Rinaldo
Cuprien, Frank
Curtis, Leland

D de Longpre, Paul
Dike, Phil
Dixon, Maynard
Dougherty, Paul
Dunton, Herbert "Buck"


F Farny, Henry F.
Fechin, Nicolai
Fortune, E. Charlton
Francisco, J. Bond
Fries, Charles
Frost, John

G Gamble, John
Gaspard, Leon
Gay, August
Gilbert, Arthur Hill
Gile, Selden
Gilkey, Richard
Gleason, Joe Duncan
Gray, Percy
Graves, Morris
Griffith, William

Hafen, John
Hahn, William
Hansen, Armin
Harmer, Alexander
Harwood, J.T.
Helder, Zama Vanessa
Hennings, E. Martin
Herzog, Hermann
Hill, Thomas
Hills, Anna
Hinkle, Clarence
Hobart, Clark
Horiuchi, Paul
Hunt, Thomas
Hunter, Isabel


Jackson, William F.
James, Rebecca Salsbury
Johnson, Frank Tenney

Keith, William
Kenney, Leo
Kleitsch, Joseph
Kloss, Gene
Kosa, Emil

L Lambdin, George Cochran
Latimer, Lorenzo
Lauritz, Paul
Lever, Hayley
Logan, Maurice
Luna, Juan
Lungren, Ferdinand

Magsaysay-Ho, Anita
Manansala, Vicente
Mannheim, Jean
Martinez, Alfredo Ramos
Martinez, Xavier
Mathews, Arthur
Mathews, Lucia
McCloskey, William
McComas, Francis
McCormick, Evelyn
McCracken, Philip
McGaw, Bruce
McGlynn, Thomas
Medearis, Roger
Mitchell, Alfred
Montoya, Gustavo
Moran, Thomas
Morgan, Mary DeNeale
Mottram, John
Mulhaupt, Frederick
Munger, Gilbert

Nelson, Bruce
Nichols, Dale

Oldfield, Otis
Oliveira, Nathan

P Pages, Jules
Paxton, William McGregor
Payne, Edgar
Pelton, Agnes
Pena, Alfonso X.
Peters, Charles Rollo
Petersen, Roland
Phillips, Bert Geer
Piazzoni, Gottardo
Price, C. S.
Procter, Burt
Puthuff, Hanson


Randolph, Lee Fritz
Raphael, Joseph
Redmond, Granville
Reiffel, Charles
Rich, John Hubbard
Richardson, Mary Curtis
Rider, A.G.
Ritschel, William
Rose, Guy

S Sammann, Detlef
Sample, Paul
Sandzen, Birger
Schofield, Walter
Sharp, Joseph Henry
Sheets, Millard
Shore, Henrietta
Siegriest, Louis
Silva, William Posey
Slaughter, William
Smith, Jack Wilkinson
Sparks, Will
Staprans, Raimonds
Steele, T. C.
Symons, George Gardner

Tavernier, Jules
Teague, Donald
Thiebaud, Wayne
Tobey, Mark
Tolegian, Manuel

U Ufer, Walter

Villierme, Henry
Von Eichman, Bernard

W Wachtel, Elmer
Wachtel, Marion Kavanaugh
Weaver, Buck
Weeks, James
Wendt, William
White, Edith
White, Orrin
Widforss, Gunnar
Wonner, John Paul
Woodward, Robert
Wores, Theodore

Y Yelland, Raymond
Yuan, S. C.

Z Zobel, Fernando

Los Angeles Gallery
427 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
800.884.4022 toll free
310.276.8551 ph
310.276.7980 fax
Email Karges LA
Whitney Ganz: Director
  Carmel Gallery
6th. & Dolores
Carmel, CA 93921
800.833.9185 toll free
831.625.4266 ph
831.625.9649 fax
Email Karges Carmel
Patrick Kraft: Director
  Purchasing and Mail
P.O. Box D-1
Carmel, CA 93921
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